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Cultured and full of charisma Matteo Ricci wrote in Chinese language many critical treatises and translated Western culture books as the first six volumes of Elements of Euclid and the Handbook of Epictetus. In 1584 he wrote a short Catechism, first book printed by foregins in China. To this year is also the production of the great Map of World in Chinese, the sixth edition of which in 1608 was wanted to the emperor.


In this map are represented continents and islands until then discovered, reporting, with Chinese line, notations of historical news near the main localities. He wrote the first sinology work of the history: a Portuguese-Chinese dictionary.


In 1595 He wrote the Treatise on Friendship and   in 1607 translated and printed Ten Paradoxes that liked very much and increase the esteem of western literates considered barbarous until then; in 1603 was written and printed the True Notion of Lord of Heaven in which Ricci proves the immortality of soul and confutes pantheistic monotheism and   metempsychosis that were wide spread among Chinese literates.


Fundamentals are also texts written for westerns as Letters and Della entrata della Compagnia di Giesù e Christianità nella Cina.


Works of Matteo Ricci

In Chinese language  

Zuchuan Tianzhu shijie, in collaboration with M. Ruggeri, Zhaoqing 1584.


Yudi shanhai quantu, Zhaoqing 1584.


Jiaoyou lun / Treatise on Friendship, Nanchang 1595.


Si yuanxing lun, Nanjing   1599-1600.


Shanhai yudi quantu, Nanjing 1600.


Jingtian gai, Beijing 1601.


Xiqin quyi bazhang, Beijing 1601, published in appendix to Jiren shipian in 1608.


Kunyu wanguo quan tu, Beijing 1602.


Liangyi xuanlan tu, Beijing 1603.


Tianzhu shiyi / The True Notion of Lord of Heaven, Beijing 1603.


Ershiwu yan, Beijing 1605.


Tianzhu jiaoyao, Beijing 1605.


Xizi qiji, Beijing 1605.


Riqiu dayu diqiu, diqiu dayu yueqiu, Beijing post 1606-07.  


Hungai tongxian tushuo, Chinese translation of Astrolabe of C. Clavius, in collaboration with Li Zizhao, Beijing 1607.


Jihe yuanben, Chinese translation of the first six   books of Elements in the edition and comment of C. Clavius, in collaboration with Xu Guangqi, Beijing 1607.


Jiren shipian / Ten Paradoxes, Beijing 1608.


Huangrong jiaoyi, Beijing 1609.


Tongwen suanzhi, Beijing 1613.


Bianxue yidu, published in   1615.


Celiang fayi, published in 1617.


Xiguo Jifa, published after 1625.


Gougu yi, published in 1607.



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