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Edited by Matteo Ricci Institute for the Relations with the East of Macerata



Matteo Ricci, Dell'entrata della Compagnia di Giesù e Christianità nella Cina , Quodlibet, Macerata 2000. Edition realized under the direction of Piero Corradini, preface of Filippo Mignini edited by Maddalena Del Gatto;


Matteo Ricci, Lettere , Quodlibet, Macerata 2001. Edition realized under the direction of Piero Corradini with a preface of Filippo Mignini and an essay of Sergio Bozzola edited by Francesco D'Arelli;


Matteo Ricci, Dell'Amicizia , Quodlibet, Macerata 2005. Edited by Filippo Mignini;


Matteo Ricci, Über Die Freundschaft , Quodlibet, Macerata 2005. Introduction of Filippo Mignini and translation of Nina Jocher.


Matteo Ricci, On Friendship, Columbia University Press, New York 2009. Translated by Timothy Billings.

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Next publications:

Matteo Ricci, Ershiwu yan (Twenty five sentences) , Beijing 1605;


Matteo Ricci, Xiqin quyi bazhang (Eight songs for western clavichord) , Beijing 1601;


Matteo Ricci, Tianzhu shiyi (Truth Notion of Lord of Heaven) , Beijing 1603;


Matteo Ricci, Tianzhu jiaoyao (Compendium of the doctrine of Lord of Heaven) , Beijing 1605;


Matteo Ricci, Bianxue yidu (Correspondence of apologetics or Doctrine against idolatric sects) , unsure date of composition, published in 1605;


Matteo Ricci, Si yuannxing lun (Essay on the Fourth Elements) , Nanjing 1599-1600;


Matteo Ricci, Riqiu dayu diqiu, diqiu dayu yueqiu (The Solar Disc is bigger than the Globe and this is bigger than the Lunar Disc) , unsure date of publication, Beijing after 1606-7;


Matteo Ricci, Jingtian gai (Treat of Costellations) , Beijing unsure date of publication;


Matteo Ricci, Xiguo jifa (Method of Mnemotechnics of Western Countries) , Nanjiang 1596, published after 1625.

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