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For the IV centenary, the Committee has drawn up a programme which aims to promote the image of Father Matteo Ricci by outlining his most defining features. This will be achieved by organizing a series of events of high academic content but which also aim at popularizing this figure . This will not be simply a commemoration but a great cultural exercise demonstrating the present day relevance of Father Ricci's message.


Ai Crinali della Storia. P. Matteo Ricci (1552-1610) fra Roma e Pechino

Sede  Braccio di Carlo Magno - Vaticano

Periodo  30 ottobre 2009 - 24 gennaio 2010


Matteo Ricci. An Encounter of Civilizations in Ming China

Beijing, Capital Museum, 6 February-20 March 2010

Shanghai, Shanghai Museum, 2 April-23 May 2010

Nanjing, Nanjing Museum, 3 June-25 July 2010

Macao, Macao Art Museum, 7 August-31 October 2010


The Monument to Father Matteo Ricci

Venue Macerata

Period 2010


Matteo Ricci. Un gesuita nel Regno del drago

Film-documentario sulla figura e sull'opera di Padre Matteo Ricci

di Gjon Kolndrekaj


Religions in the Contemporary World

Venue Beijing

Period 15-17 October 2008


The Chinese Church and Ricci's Inheritance

Venue Macerata

Period October 2010


Science, Reason, Faith: the genius of Father Matteo Ricci

Venua  Macerata

Period  4-5-6 March 2010


Plans for celebrating the IV centenary of the death of F. Matteo Ricci - A fresh new angle

Venue  Macerata, Tolentino, Recanati, Cingoli, Treia

Period  2009 - 2010


Macerata China - Province of Macerata

Over the last few years the Macerata Provincial Council has promoted the 'Macerata-China project' in order to offer small and medium-size firms the tools for overcoming difficulties and tackling together the globalized market.

Complete works of Father Matteo Ricci

Finalità Publication of the complete works

Period  2009 - 2010


English Translation Complete Works of Father Matteo Ricci

Finalità  Printing and distribution in English speaking countries of 11 volumes

Periodo  2009- 2010


Matteo Ricci 400 years from his death - International Conference

Venue Macerata

Period  28-30 October 2010


Matteo Ricci. Son of the West, brother of the East.

Edition Regional (2007-08) Interregional (2008-09) National (2009-10)

Recipient Primary and Secondary schools


Chinese Edition of the Macerata Guidebook

Aims To furnish Chinese tourists with information about Matteo Ricci's home town.

Period 2010



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