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The region of Marche

Conero beach
Conero beach

Le Marche sono per me l'Est, l'Oriente, il sole che arriva all'alba, la luce d'Urbino d'estate

Mario Luzi

Travellers who want the best of central Italy are now heading for Le Marche, the third region, alongside Tuscany and Umbria, that makes up the area. It is pronounced "lay markay", is plural (Le Marche) and is sometimes translated into English as "The Marches".

The region lies on the eastern side of central Italy, between the Adriatic Sea and the high Apennine mountains and much of it remains unspoilt by the ravages of mass tourism.

True, the Adriatic coast has been a mecca for "sun n' sand" holiday makers for decades; but few venture far from the beaches. Inland, perhaps more so than anywhere else in central Italy, you will find places where time really has stood still. Compared to its  central Italian sisters, here culture comes in more easily digestible proportions but quality, as at Urbino, is often of the very best.

Whether you want to admire masterpieces of Renaissance art and architecture, trek across wild uncharted mountains or hunt out the best of the catch in a Mediterranean fishing port, Le Marche has enough to keep you busy for years. And you will rarely have to jostle with hoardes of other foreign tourists.

Many visitors who come to Le Marche are looking for a taste of the "real" Italy, unsullied by mass tourism, yet welcoming to foreigners - if that's what you want, you won't be disappointed.

Urbino - Palazzo Ducale Artigianato artistico Genga - Grotte di Frasassi Riviera del Conero Urbino - quadro Raffaello Macerata - Teatro Lauro Rossi Sibillini - vista Monte Bove Torre di Palme - vista mare Urbino - altra vista Palazzo Ducale Ascoli Piceno - Piazza del Popolo Gradara Fabriano Pesaro - Piazza del Popolo Ancona - Porto Macerata

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