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Matteo Ricci 利瑪竇 (Li Madou) His Region, the Marche, his China

Matteo Ricci  is one of the most illustrious sons of the Marche Region and a figure that honours all of Italy. In China and in most of Asia he is considered a man of dialogue between West and East. He was welcomed to the Forbidden City, at the Ming court, as ambassador for Europe, obtaining the Emperor's protection and support. His fame has been handed down over the centuries and the story of his life continues to be of great interest, and studied in schools.

In the very same way in which Matteo Ricci used the exchange of knowledge as a seed of dialogue and friendship with the Middle Kingdom, today the Marche Region seeks to follow the path of this outstanding figure. Matteo Ricci was a marchigiano who along with his studies carried the spirit of his native land together with its diversities, perceived of as an added value. He wrote than there exists "no real unity without differences": a sacred principle, which can be applied to daily life in all its manifestations.

For this reason, in 2010, to mark the 400th anniversary of his death, the Region is organizing exhibitions and events in China and throughout the Marche dedicated to Father Matteo Ricci. Among these is the itinerant exhibition Matteo Ricci. Encounter Between Civilizations in Ming Dynasty China, which recounts the human and intellectual adventure of a man who was pivotal in the development of relations between China and the West; he is also a strategic figure in the promotion of cultural, institutional, economic and commercial relations between the Marche regional system and the vast China market.

And if culture - both scientific and literary - was for Matteo Ricci the asset with which to achieve good relationships and dialogue, there is no better way than a wonderful exhibition to symbolize his message and to pay homage to a genius, as he is perceived in China and the whole of the Far East.

For Matteo Ricci a capacity for dialogue and intercultural exchange was tantamount to a passport. Today's China is still tuned into this wavelength, and it boasts a preference for new ideas and creativity as a means of growth. The Marche Region likewise counts on its own innovation, research and wealth of ideas to achieve growth and development.

The dialogue with the East converges along these lines; through such dialogue the Marche Region seeks to foster an important foothold in Asia, in the sign of Father Matteo Ricci and what he represented in the past and still represents today for this encounter between peoples.


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