Padre Matteo Ricci



The Macerata-China Project includes activities for the promotion of the agriculture-food and tourist sectors. It grew out of a series of meetings with representatives of Associations in these sectors, the University, the Regional Council etc.

Father Matteo Ricci lived in Zhaoqing, in the south of Guangdong Province, for the first seven years of his pilgrimage to the East. It has therefore been decided that this city should be the starting point for an initial approach to the drawing up of an outline agreement with the Municipality of Zhaoqing (Guangdong) in the economic-commercial and tourist sectors. From this basis suitable relations and exchanges can be established. 

The setting up by the Chinese authorities of the Museum dedicated to Father Matteo Ricci in the Zhaoqing Ricci Centre could be linked to the Museum of the same name that is to be built in Macerata


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