Padre Matteo Ricci



The Father Matteo Ricci Museum, in the context of the IV centenary, is part of an extensive project for the re-organization and expansion of Macerata's museums which goes under the name of  "Museo diffuso" and is centred around the eighteenth century Buonaccorsi Palace which has recently been restored with reconstruction funds.


The project concerns the reclamation and restoration of the "ex thermal bathhouse" which forms part of the "Mozzi Borgetti" Library complex in Piazza VittorioVeneto. The bathhouse building is to house the Institute for Relations with the East Museum (Museo dell'Istituto per le Relazioni con l'Oriente) as well as the Risorgimento Museum and a section of the books on the East from the Mozzi Borgetti Library.


The establishment of the Institute for Relations with the East (IRO) Museum aims to create a museum coalition and a collection of documentary material which will promote the figure of Father Matteo Ricci. Palazzo Trevi-Senigallia, which is in the immediate vicinity, will house the administrative offices of this museum as well as being the venue for study and research activities aimed at developing relations with China and the Far East.


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