Padre Matteo Ricci

May 11th, 1610 - May 11th, 2010

Celebration of the Fourth Centenary after the death of F. Matteo Ricci

icona eventi 11 maggio 2010
May 11th, 2010
Edited by
Committee for the celebrations on the occasion of the IV centenary of the death of F. Matteo Ricci

11 May


h: 16.30  

The Council Room of the Town Hall

Ceremony of the commemoration and the deposition of the flowers wreath on the grave of Matteo Ricci near the University.


h: 18.30  

The Cathedral of S. Giuliano

High Mass

Presided by the cardinal Joseph Zen Ze-kiun, S.D.B., emeritus bishop of Hong Kong


h: 21.15  

The Theatre Lauro Rossi

With Matteo Ricci. Memory and identity

Reading of texts of Matteo Ricci selected and adapted by Filippo Mignini

Virtual visit to the exhibition that is at the moment underway at the Shanghai Museum

Music of: Victoria, Arcadelt, Orlando di Lasso, Palestrina

Harpsichord: Marco Mencoboni

Soprano: Pamela Lucciarini

Acting voices : Lucia Ferrati, Piergiorgio Pietroni
Direction: Allì Caracciolo


The admission to events is free:

For the evening of 11 May at the Theatre Lauro Rossi

the booking is required:    

Theatres Ticket Office: 0733 230735

The event is preceded by the

2nd Day of Friendship with China:


8 May

The Show "Dell'amicizia" (On Friendship)

P. Matteo Ricci Giovani e Culture a Confronto (F. Matteo Ricci, Youths and Cultures in comparison)

Edited by Chinese students of Linguistic Centre of the association Le Antiche Torri of Sarnano

The Movie Theatre Italy - h. 18.00


Concert of the Chorus of Beitang (Beijing)

Auditorium San Paolo - h. 21.30

In the historical centre are going to be exhibitions, traditional Chinese shows and tasting of Italian and Chinese dishes.

Download the commemorative speeches

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