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Inauguration of the Marche area of the Italian pavilion

The Winx presenting the Marche
The Winx presenting the Marche

1st June, 2010

The visit to China by the Institutional and Entrepreneurial Delegation of the Regional Council, headed by its President Spacca, and made up of officials from the Macerata area including the Mayor Romano Carancini, began today in the Italian pavilion of Expo Shanghai with the inauguration ceremony of the Marche area named "Marche. The Land of Magic". Visitors to the Italian pavilion were accompanied by the magical Winx on the discovery of the land of Matteo Ricci: the sea, the beaches, the hills, the towns, the palaces, the churches and the artists who over time have made this region famous. They were also introduced to the excellence of its industry and food. 190 square metres of stereoscopic lights where the 3D fairies flew among the treasures of the Marche, an enchanted place that   fascinated and intrigued the crowd of visitors.

  Present at the inauguration were the following: Beniamino Quintieri the Commissioner Extraordinary of the Italian pavilion at Expo, Marcella Zaccagnino from the Italian Consulate in Shanghai, Giammario Spacca President of the Regional Council, Christiana Busselli representative of  Rembow and many other business people from the region's leading firms.

Following the inauguration was a seminar entitled "Better City, Better Life - The Experience of the Marche Region" held in the Expo auditorium. The subject was the Marche economy and the speakers included Gian Luca Gregori, Head of the Faculty of Economics at the Università Politecnica delle Marche and Giammario Spacca. Emphasis was placed on the excellence of Marche firms that operate on the Chinese market in the sector of innovative technologies with low environmental impact (Ariston, Faam, Guzzini, Loccioni).

  In the evening there was a reception to celebrate the Italian national holiday organized by the Consul General of Italy in Shanghai Massimo Roscigno. Also present were the Minister of Labour Maurizio Sacconi, the Deputy Minister of Development Adolfo Urso and other officials from Shanghai.

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