Padre Matteo Ricci

Portrait of a Jesuit: Matteo Ricci (1552 - 1610)

Book Launch of the book written by Gianni Criveller and César Guillén-Nuñez

Portrait of a Jesuit: Matteo Ricci
Macau - Macau Ricci Institute, Av. Cons. Ferreira de Almeida, No. 95-E
Tuesday, September 7, 2010 - at 6:30 PM
Edited by
Gianni Criveller and César Guillén-Nuñez
With the participation of

Louis Ha (Hong Kong Diocese)

Anders Hansson (chief editor of publications at the Macau Ricci Institute)


The Macau Ricci Institute (MRI) is glad to invite you to its September MRI Forum for the launching of the small book, Portrait of a Jesuit: Matteo Ricci , to commemorate 4th centenary of the demise of Matteo Ricci, S.J.


Recently the Macau Ricci Institute has published a short biography of Fr. Matteo Ricci, S.J., based on a collection of essays presented last year at the Institute by Gianni Criveller, Ph.D., PIME, and César Guillén-Nuñez, M.Phil., respectively, dedicated to the memory of the great pioneer after whom our Institute is named. This modest publication, which would like somehow to contribute to the worldwide commemoration of Matteo Ricci's demise in Beijing in 1610, is intended to inaugurate a series of MRI studies related to the history of the Jesuits in the old China mission. The series will be published under the name of Jesuítas Publication Series and will introduce to the readers such outstanding figures of the past as Alessandro Valignano, Melchior Carneiro and Tomás Pereira.  Each title of the series will be available in English and simplified Chinese versions.


The forum will be chaired by Artur Wardega, S.J., Director of the Institute. The book launch will proceed with a short presentation by the authors of their essays in the booklet, the publishers, and the comments of Fr. Louis Ha, a scholar invited by the MRI for the occasion.


Some information concerning the celebration of Matteo Ricci's memory in worldwide academic gatherings and cultural activities will also be provided. This event will be followed by a small cocktail party, during which participants will have the opportunity to meet our invited guests.


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