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Concert by Dehai Liu, Pipa Master

The Master of pipa , Dehai Liu
The Master of pipa , Dehai Liu
Macerata - Lauro Rossi Theatre
Sunday 7th of November, 2010
Organized by
Diocesie of Macerata - Tolentino - Recanati - Cingoli - Treia
In collaboration with
Municipality of Macerata
Information on Dehai Liu

Great Master of pipa (Chinese lute) and composition. He was born in 1937 in Shanghai. When he was young he started to play various traditional Chinese instruments. He studied at the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing, and, after graduation, he started teaching pipa there. In 1970 he became soloist of the Chinese National Symphony Orchestra. He played in numerous nations of the five continents. He played with Siji Ozawa (Boston Symphony Orchestra) and with Herbert von Karajan (Berliner Philharmoniker).

During the years, he developed a very personal style in the art of pipa, creating new performance techniques and sonorities. He can combine the spiritual dimension, the artistic originality and the developments of traditional music.

Sensitive to the occidental ideas, he integrated to his music new spaces and ideas, following a theory that is universal and practical at the same time.

He has a versatile personality, he dedicates himself to concerts, teaching, composition. He recorded numerous CDs and DVDs. Dehai Liu lives in Beijing, where he teaches at the Conservatory of Music.


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