Padre Matteo Ricci

Scholars debate the relevance of Ricci's teaching in today's world and the prospects for Ricci studies

Adriano Ciaffi Committee Head giving his address
Adriano Ciaffi Committee Head giving his address

The conference opened today at Palazzo Buonaccorsi. Live streaming in the Committee website.

Wednesday 23rd November, 2010.


This afternoon the conference "The Relevance of Ricci's Teachings in Today's World. Interpretations  Texts  Fortune", organized by the Celebrations Committee and the Ricci Institute, opened in the beautiful setting of the Aeneid Room in Palazzo Buonaccorsi in Macerata.

In his address, Mayor Romano Carancini drew attention to the fact that Macerata had always been in the forefront of Ricci studies ever since 1910 when it hosted a conference of geographers working on Ricci's cartography. He also pointed out that the conclusion of Matteo Ricci Year opens the way not only to further Ricci studies but also to new scenarios in other sectors. He went on to say that the citizens of Macerata from various walks of life must be united and active in taking up the challenge which will see not just Macerata and the Marche but also Italy and Europe collaborating in new ways with the East and China.

Luigi Lacché, Rector of Macerata University, talked of the vocation of the town for the East, recalling Matteo Ricci and Giuseppe Tucci and emphasizing that Macerata must stress the importance of studying these illustrious orientalists. "The celebrations are an occasion", continued the Rector, "for defining a way towards the future which fully utilizes the work achieved in recent years both in Ricci Studies and relations with China".

The address by Romano Carancini, Mayor of Macerata
The address by Romano Carancini, Mayor of Macerata

"The conference on the relevance of Ricci in the world today and the exhibition which opened a few days ago emphasize the universal quality of Matteo Ricci's teaching" said Adriano Ciaffi, Head of the Celebrations Committee. " We must keep this vision well in mind in our debate on future prospects".

 The proceedings were opened by Filippo Mignini of the Ricci Institute who defined the aims of the three day conference and also outlined the prospects for Ricci studies.


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