Padre Matteo Ricci

Macerata and the Silk Road. A Delegation of Xi'An in the town of Father Matteo Ricci

The meeting
The meeteng
September 20th 2010

Piazza della Libertà became a place of welcoming and encounter, in occasion of the arrival of a delegation, formed by 32 Chinese, that are travelling from Xi'An to Rome, through Venice, with the aim to revaluate the Silk Road.

The initiative is part of a project that wants to make the ancient road a World Heritage Site of the Unesco, unifying 11 Countries under the patronage of the Incomos (International Council on Monuments and Sites).

The "caravan", majorly composed by Chinese journalists and photographers, included Macerata in its itinerary in occasion of the fourth centenary of the death of Father Matteo Ricci, the illustrious missionary who is, together with Marco Polo, the most famous Italian in China.

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